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Friday, August 27, 2010

Paths of Motion: Intuitive Movements and Counter-Intuitive on the Web

My exercise guru Leslie Sansone uses the phrase "paths of motion" when she teaches me how to try a different walking step, like moving side to side.  It never seems hard when she shows me; but, I find that she's right to acknowledge that I need to learn this "path of motion" before I can rely upon my body's muscle memory to accomplish it for me by rote.

Similarly, when I attempt to learn new techniques for using technology, I find that what seems logical to me often does not result in a logical effect--at least, not the way I define logic.  I'm an old two-plus-two-equals- four thinker, and sometimes what seems to happen is a more fractionalized division of zig-zagging steps that move from a point of origin to a destination. 

Navigating technological tools that mark the path don't seem as familiar to me usually as 2 plus 2 or moving side-to-side.  If your brain is wired to move in concert with technology or the movements of the social media, then you can call yourself "intuitive", but it your brain doesn't work like that, your response is considered "counter-intuitive."

Lately I'm trying to figure out how to teach my brain to be more intuitive.  To do that, I am reexamining my questions that I ask before doing something as simple as posting a link that features me.   My initial response:  Isn't this vain to post this link?  My second thought is:  Isn't this just business to post a link that builds your presence on the web?   It still feels vain and wrong to do it, and I did it anyway because my new brainwave path is:  You don't don't know the answer, and your feelings are not telling you the truth about how the social media does its work.  Set aside your feelings and your predispositions, and see what happens after you do it.

I did it--posted a link that showcased my short stories featuring church woman Mildred Budge.   Encouragement from friends followed.  The link traveled.  Other people discovered the news that the link contained.  My head didn't get any bigger from the attention.  In fact, just the opposite happened.

There's something very humbling about moving into the currents of the social media that have a path of motion that is vital in business today.  It's like launching a small vessel onto the large ocean without a map, no real knowledge of how to read the stars and a compass that tells you the direction you're headed but you don't know if that's where you want to go.

My intuition regularly tells me that I am vain to try to try something new on the web that feels foreign to my muscle memory or sensibilities; but my feelings and intuition are not the truth. The reality is that there's room for everyone on the web, and the path of motion doesn't lead where I thought it would.

It leads to a new way of being with people and communicating news, and it's not negative or wrong because it feels counter-intuitive.  Like the ocean, it just is and it has many paths of motion that anyone who works needs to learn.

What that means is that how it works doesn't fit with the muscle memory of your brainpower, and you are teaching your brain to think like that so that you can navigate more efficiently in the future.

That will happen.  Testing the waters teaches your brain the paths of motion.

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